Artist Statement

For as long as I can remember I have always loved to draw. My husband Mike introduced me to the world beyond our California home with numerous road trips as well as travels in Europe and Asia. On these adventures, I continued my drawing habit filling sketchbook after sketchbook. Today, having moved to Idaho, I am surrounded by the unique beauty of the Wood River Valley and the majestic Pioneer, Smoky, Boulder, Sawtooth and White Cloud Mountains. Their many gifts inspire at every turn. Amazing qualities of light, vast and colorful landscapes, and fantastic cloudscapes are ready subjects for my palette and my sketchbook.

Working in watercolor for over twenty years, I also enjoy painting in gouache and acrylic, choosing the medium which I feel best suits my subject. I am predominately a studio painter. Figurative subjects as well as portraits both interest me. Photos that I take on walks around our neighborhood, trips around the country, and in urban settings become my sources of inspiration. My photos supply an endless collection of subjects from which to choose. I am drawn to subjects that evoke a mood or tell a story. I focus on the way light plays on and defines my subjects.

I am always adding to my skill sets, taking inspiration from the many gifted and talented artists of today and the masters, particularly the works of Diebenkorn, Cezanne, and Sargent. I view my painting life as the gift that keeps on giving.